January 2014 Online Workshop: Fiction To Freelance in 6 Easy Steps

business-man-1338212-sIf you’re a fiction writer looking to turn your words into profits for the freelance market, join me online from January 6-31, 2014  to learn the nuts and bolts of freelancing in 6 simple steps. From idea generation to targeting publications, I’ll use my experience to help you learn what you want and need to know to start (or build upon) your freelancing knowledge.

Sponsored by the Lowcountry RWA group, I’ve filled the course with templates, resources and insider advice to get you going.

For 20 bucks, you can’t beat it…

For more information and registration details, visit Lowcountry RWA’s Course Page. (Scroll down!) If you have questions the listing doesn’t address, send me a note through my Contact page and I’ll be in touch!

Here’s the actual description, if you want more:


How to help romance writers break into freelance writing
Presented by Beth Morrow
Dates: Jan 6-31, 2014

Course Description:

Class: From Fiction to Freelance in 6 Easy Lessons

Lesson 1: Who, Me? Freelance?

Yes, you! In this first lesson, we’ll start with an overview of the course. Next, we’ll discover the main reasons to consider freelancing, benefits of becoming a freelance writer for both the published and unpublished author and you’ll determine the value of freelancing to wherever you are in your own writing career.

Lesson 2: But I Don’t Know What to Write…

Ideas are both the bane and blessing of the creative mind. In a fun and interactive lesson, you’ll uncover the powerful, simple secret to creating hundreds of freelance article ideas from one basic topic or subject.

Lesson 3: 6 Elements of Pleasing Publishers

Freelance publishers are no different from fiction publishers: they all follow a tried-and-true style for their publications to meet the needs of their readers. Through hands-on research, you’ll learn six critical elements that sell any publication to a reader—or a query to an editor.

Lesson 4: To Market, To Market

You’ve got your topic, your slant and your word count. Now what? Your writing can’t get anywhere without a market. And since at least one market exists for every idea, in this lesson you’ll learn the ten basic types of markets as well as the myriad places to find new (literally popping up every day) markets for all of your ideas.

Lesson 5: Repeat: Queries Can Be Fun!

It’s a simple fact: Fail to grab an editor with the first line of a query and you likely won’t make the sale. It’s no secret most writers hate writing queries but with these three valuable insider tips and a wealth of successful sample queries that resulted in assignments from editors, you’ll never fear the freelance query again.

Lesson 6: Don’t Wait—Submit.

You’ve done all the hard work. There’s nothing to be afraid of…not even an editor. In this final lesson, culminating in a course wrap-up, we’ll put everything together so you’ll have an editor-worthy submission for your target publication. You’ll also learn critical elements to consider when submitting work to editors to improve your chances of publication.

Instructor Bio:

Freelance author Beth Morrow has over 100 bylines in regional and national magazines, newspapers and blogs. When she isn’t writing, you can find her teaching middle school English.

Beth loves helping writers reach the dream of being published regardless of genre. Visit Beth at her home-on-the-web: www.bethmorrow.com.


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(and even though it’s touted for romance writers, it’s really just an intro class for folks who have a little writing knowledge and want to bump it up to publication level. Join us!)



Happy Writing!