Published Work Roundup, Summer and September 2014

I’m only two days behind in posting my update on the actual date of the new month, but with the spectacular already-autumn weather we’re having here in Ohio, I’ve been spending my evenings outside.

Can you blame me?

After the furnace blast in September, which felt more like rainforest than midwest, cooler temperatures and golden sun is right up my alley. If you live in a locale where fall isn’t a season, I do feel sorry for the beauty you miss.

That’s enough romanticizing the weather. This roundup is a biggie, mostly because it’s four months in the making. I had too much good stuff go to print this summer to *not* share it with you.

First up, June at Camp Business brought with it the huge excitement that comes every summer: camp season. I gave many a program director relay game ideas with my On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! piece as well as giving camps a place to start the get to know you games with my 20 Questions for Staff. Most of my June was spent planning a night scavenger hunt superhero game which was a Hulk-smashing success at my own camp.

Even though June is the end of the school year, I had one more education piece wrap up a stellar year of lots of education publications.  My book review on Vocab Rehab for MiddleWeb went live, just in time to add one more book to every reading teacher’s summer reading list (it’s a quick, informative read!)

In July, it was more games and activities. There’s nothing worse at camp than stale games, so my offering was a piece on 4th of July activities and more scavenger hunt games for the Week-Ender blog. Camp Business also did a repost of one of my earlier articles on how to talk to parents so they’ll listen. You can never have too much advice in my line of work on dealing with parents :)

But July wasn’t over yet. One of my long-time dreams as a writer and teacher was to put together a series of articles for regular classroom content-area teachers who have lots of ELLs in their classes. I give out advice daily to these amazing educators, and I wanted a venue for sharing some of the best tricks of the trade to help more folks. ASCD’s Inservice blog posted one of those pieces to help science and social studies teachers reach ELL students, as part of my series on helping classroom teachers.

August arrived, and so did summer camp. Yay! August is that last month before the insanity of school and autumn arrives, so I put together a bucket list for August for Camp Business, and a wrapup piece on the importance of summer camp staff reflections. It was a nice surprise that they re-ran one of my favorite camp memory how-tos, the 80s-themed night. To wrap up the month, Toledo Parent featured my article on ending bedtime drama…just in time for back-to-school!

And now, September. I’ve been busy! Back to school and back to writing. I was a contributor to ASCD’s Literacy Week with a post on adolescent literacy, guest blogged for MiddleWeb on student health issues and gave camp directors a number of reflection questions as their summer sessions draw to a close on the Week-Ender blog.

Whew! I believe that’s it–at least for this post. Stop back at the end of October to see what I’ve been up to. In the meantime, I’m sending you some beautiful fall weather from Ohio!


Published Work Roundup, January/February 2014

Today in central Ohio is a spring-like beauty, all things considered: temperatures in the mid 30s, sparkling bright sunshine, salt-crusted roads poking out from beneath the edge of small hills of plowed snow.

But a winter storm is reportedly blowing into town over the weekend, extending our winter for at least a few more weeks. Ugh! I can’t wait until full-blown summer, which brings with it my favorite season of all: summer camp. I’ve spent the last few days reworking evaluation forms from my own camp, and, for camp directors and counselors looking how to best help campers with diabetes, my January feature (A Camper With Diabetes…) at Camp Business Magazine gives food for thought on all aspects of the diabetic camper…because every kid, regardless of condition, deserves the transformative experience of camp.

On the subject of transformation, kids aren’t the only ones capable of change. Teachers can too, or in the case of my second in a series of two roundups for ASCD on Teachers as Learners.

That piece was the result of a Pinterest contest that I won. Hosted by ASCD, I won a terrific collection of ten teacher research books that I ended up writing roundups on. What a great contest! Not only did I get to read about educational research (one of my favorite topics *ever*), I got to write about it. The first piece about The Importance of Attitude, is a topic I could talk about endlessly. We have to serve as cheerleaders of our colleagues when no one else will. Creating positive student relationships with that in mind can make the difference between depression and a great day.

I could talk education all day long, so if that appeals to you, chat me up at Twitter (@BethFMorrow), but I’m also finding out how much I enjoy writing business related pieces. I’m fascinated by the business world workings. My pieces for the Camp Business Week-Ender blog (The Top 10 Ways to Get Work Done and The “I Don’t Have Time To Succession Plan” Plan) have become more business and less programming centered, which may change as we move toward that glorious summer camp season.

And on that note, I’ll leave you for now, hoping your March looks sunnier than ours…