Freelancing literally fell into my lap sometime around 2004, and I took off running. I wrote for a number of magazines, websites and blogs for a few years, added 80+ credits and bylines to my name,  then took a brief hiatus into fiction writing.

Know what? I hated it.

So I’m back and looking to write for those content areas I enjoyed so much: education, health and wellness, personal development and summer camp–for starters.

I’ve also taught online courses to fiction writers looking to use their skills to branch into freelance writing. I’ve helped dozens of writers leverage their knowledge and writing ability to break into markets they didn’t know existed.

In my day job, I’m a middle school teacher with a master’s degree in curriculum and technology. My AP Chemistry-teaching husband and our son are avid Ohio State Buckeye fans. I have spent the last twenty summers helping run a summer camp for teenagers with diabetes, and I release stress through meditation, baking and creating my own recipes.